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Currently accepting applications for most of Nassau, Suffolk, Middlesex, Monmouth, Union and Somerset counties. If you reside outside of these areas please inquire via email to as our range vastly depends on availability of our volunteers. Thank you.

Tricycle Grant Adaptive Mobility


Please know that once you begin the online application it can not be saved for a later time. You will need to start over if you do not have all of the following information:

  • child's PT/OT contact information

  • If applying for a Rifton, you will need all measurements and accessories which can be found by clicking this form here:

You may email any supporting documentation to These documents may include:

  • PT/OT/doctor/case manager justification letter

  • Letter of request for trike other than Rifton with explanation

  • Photos of your child

  • Any information you would like to share not asked on the application

Please email if you need a hard copy printable application in English or Spanish

Please note:


  • All applications must be submitted to completion in order to be approved.


  • Although Share the Voice primarily deals with Rifton tricycles, other manufacturers are always considered.  If the applicant requires a different tricycle, please note that in the application and provide letter of justification from a physical therapist.


  • Applications are approved on a first come, as funds become available, first serve basis. Submissions made online are in real-time. If you feel your case exhibits extenuating circumstances, please do not hesitate to contact us to let us know.


  • Trikes granted are not guaranteed to be brand new, but will be in new condition. Donated used trikes may be recycled for more use by another child as a way of paying it forward!

"Tri" Cycle

Give Back Program


If you have been granted a tricycle through Share the Voice and the trike is in good condition (*we reserve the right to evaluate), however one or more of the following has occurred:


  • Recipient outgrew trike

  • Recipient can no longer benefit from riding a tricycle

  • Recipient's diagnostic condition has changed and requires new/different tricycle and/or accessories


Share the Voice will happily recycle the recipient's old tricycle in 1 of 2 ways:


  • If in brand new condition, the trike may be given to a new grant applicant if frame size and accessories match an applicant on the waitlist

  • If used, but in good condition, the trike will be donated through Share the Voice to another non-profit organization such as:


Ronald McDonald House

Angela's House

Pediatric wing of local LI hospital

Long term care facilities

Camp programs provided for disabled individuals

Why "Tri"-Cycle?

When a recipient donates a non-damaged, in good condition (*gets the "a ok" from Share the Voice) tricycle that had been previously granted to them by Share the Voice then that recipient may apply again for a tricycle grant in our program and go on the current wait list.  If a previous recipient does not donate a tricycle back to Share the Voice, but wishes to apply for another tricycle, their application will unfortunately be denied ( 1 per customer unless tri-"cycling").


It's a WIN - WIN!!  You get to keep riding, and other kids get to ride too!


Here's one scenario:

A grant recipient received a tricycle from Share the Voice and enjoyed a few years of riding with family and friends.  But now, the tricycle is too small.  No one wants to stop riding!  So, the recipient contacts Share the Voice and inquires about their Tri-"Cycle" program.  The recipient donates their "good condition" tricycle to Share the Voice.  Share the Voice donates the used tricycle to a terminally ill pediatric cancer wing of local hospital.  Recipient is thanked profusely and invited to re-apply with Share the Voice for a NEW TRIKE!  Recipient's new application is reviewed and processed on wait list.  Everyone wins!

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