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The Butterfly Effect - A 10 Day Challenge

June 12 - June 22

The butterfly effect is the idea that small, seemingly trivial events may ultimately result in something with much larger consequences


With celebrating our 10 year anniversary, Share the Voice encourages you to spread your wings with kindness towards others. The act is completely up to you. You may do this anonymously if you'd like. If you have a butterfly to pass please do so, but acts of kindness really only need you.
When performing a random act of kindness, please pass your butterfly on to that person and tell them to follow the QR code to pay it forward.
Our hand crafted butterflies are a $10 donation to help celebrate our 10 year anniversary
To purchase more butterflies please CLICK HERE
IMG-1519 (1).jpg

Our made with love butterflies are hand crafted by Stitches by Suz

Please visit Suz's Facebook to support her side hustle, she does amazing work!

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