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Little Voices is designed to get typically developing children involved in helping their disabled peers enjoy the same childhood experiences as they do.  The program is aimed to provide priceless life lessons and moral skills to young school aged children to foster knowledge of diversity and acceptance, and to promote anti-bullying behavior.  Some benefits of participating in Little Voices are as follows:

  • Awareness and acceptance of differences and disabilities

  • Social goodness and positive morals

  • Learning the value of philanthropic endeavors

  • Increase in self-esteem through the power of doing something good

  • Learning the value of doing good for others and the virtue of good karma

  • Teambuilding and leadership while brainstorming and developing a fundraising idea

  • Collecting, counting and sorting money

Please contact us to get your group started in developing and implementing their own fundraiser under adult supervision.  The possibilities are endless.  Children are surprisingly resourceful and creative.  Share the Voice encourages them to create their own ideas and put them into action!  We are here for any support they may need. 

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