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Howitt Middle School
Farmingdale, NY

Annual Dance Marathon

May 1, 2020

For the past 11 years we have worked with our school and community to raise awareness about important causes on Long Island.  With a lot of hard work, planning, creativity, and enthusiasm, we have been able to raise almost $60,000 for local charities.  We have also donated thousands of dollars worth of clothing, food, household items, and other necessities to Long Island organizations.  We have proven that with dedication and kindness, people of any age can make a difference.  At Howitt’s Dance Marathon we dance to show support for each local organization.  Classmates work throughout the year to collect goods, fundraise, and educate the school and community about ways that we can help our Long Island neighbors.  This year, at the 5 hour Dance Marathon, students will stay on their feet dancing in support of Share the Voice. All the dancing and hard work pays off when the proceeds are donated to charity and we see that we’ve touched the lives of others.

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